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Ethiopian Airlines: Fly with African cheer and the best of Ethiopian cooking

Ethiopian Airlines: Fly with African cheer and the best of Ethiopian cooking

Experience the best of African hospitality and Ethiopian cuisine before you even set foot in Ethiopia with Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopia was recently reported as the world’s most welcoming country by international travel publisher Rough Guides, and it’s easy to see why. As a country that was never colonized, Ethiopia’s tribal customs and welcoming disposition stems from the traditions of its ancient people.

YOUR FLIGHT CREW. Cheerful faces of Ethiopian Airlines’ flight crew.

Ethiopian Airlines gives you a glimpse of these customs and welcoming disposition with every flight you take. A true marker of its cultural identity is the practice employed by its friendly and accommodating crew.

Dressed in traditional Ethiopian costume, members of the cabin crew along with the aircraft’s pilots and ground crew were all trained at the Ethiopian Airlines flight academy in its capital, Addis Ababa. Hospitality goes beyond smiles and warm greetings, with quick moving staff members ready to address the needs of each passenger.

Recently awarded as the Best Airline in Africa in 2017’s SKYTRAX World Airline Awards, Ethiopian Airlines is also known to have the largest single in-flight catering facility in the continent with the capacity of producing over 100,000 meals every day.

OUTSTANDING FOOD SERVICE. Be among the first to try Ethiopia’s famous Injera bread and other delicious Ethiopian dishes in-flight!

Its Business Class services are top notch, what with being given the award for “Outstanding Food Service by an African Carrier.” Dishes such as the Injera, Ethiopia’s sourdough-risen bread, is served with rare Ethiopian spices such as the Berbere-infused Doro wat, a spicy and red stew which is enjoyed with a colorful mix of savory sauces and unique flavors. The airline also offers international choices including Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Halal meals, among others.

“Ethiopian Airlines has been flying Filipinos to Ethiopia and the rest of the world via its hub in Addis Ababa since 2015. We keep the African spirit very much alive through our brand of service and hospitality. Filipinos love food and we know that Ethiopian dishes, although different from Filipino dishes, offer flavors that may be appreciated by the Pinoy palate,” said Ethiopian Airlines’ country manager Solomon Bekele.

“Together with our exceptional in-flight services, we want travelers to have a unique flight experience like no other, offering them comfort and convenience through their travels, at the same time giving them the best that our culture has to offer. Ethiopia is not only a country with a distinct identity, but we also believe that we are a gateway to the rest of the world,” said Bekele.

It won’t be hard for anyone flying from the US to experience the Ethiopian Airlines brand of hospitality, with two flights weekly between Chicago and Addis Ababa.

Source: Primer Ethiopian Airlines.

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