Revealed: the best country in the world to raise children

Revealed: the best country in the world to raise children

Sweden is the best country for expat families to move to, according to a survey, offering the best quality of life and chance for improvement of health and wellbeing.

In a survey which measures the experiences of expat families around the world, Sweden topped the tables for the second year running for children, with three quarters of expat parents saying that they’d seen an improvement in their child’s quality of life after moving to the Nordic country – compared to fewer than two thirds (60 per cent) globally.

A better quality of life? Family on a pier in Utvalnas, Sweden

Childcare in Sweden gets the highest praise of any country’s – with three-quarters of expat families in Sweden saying its quality of early years care is higher than in their home country. This is hardly surprising – Sweden has among the most generous childcare benefits in the world. And despite possible concerns over long, cold winters or short daylight hours, seven in 10 parents reported an improvement in their child’s health and well being since moving to Sweden.

Nearly half (43 per cent) of expat parents globally reported that the quality of education abroad was superior to that available at home – though the survey did not specify respondents’ home countries – with the top countries for education being Singapore (75 per cent), the Czech Republic (64 per cent) and Russia (63 per cent).

Source: The Telegraph

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