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As we just start this year, we invite you to keep a eye on this page where you will see us growing with real websites of informations and not pretending to be the biggest or the best expat websites. Interesting, find below web sites which will be available in priority and other in progress. Usually a new site get ready between 3 to 6 weeks maximum.

All sites are according to our members whish and request, as much we can allow a member to have a capital city and covering the whole country in the same time, there is no exclusivity on any country only for the city or region which you sign your membership. if a new member like to cover another city in the same country, it will be a benefit to all.

Some country like France or Spain are already divided by their respectives regions. Please enquire for the city, region site within the country of your choice, if not in our  below list,  contact us and we will make for you.

Asia and Australia Regions

Beijing – Shanghai – Schenzhen – Honk Kong (China)  Available  —  Jakarta (Indonesia)  – Coming soon

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)  – Coming soon  —  Singapore  –  Coming soon  —  Tokyo (Japan)  –  Coming soon

Seoul (South Korea) – Available  —  Taipei (Taiwan)  – Available  —  Bangkok (Thailand)  – Coming Soon

Phuket – Pattaya – Available  —  Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) – Available —   Sydney (Australia)  –  Available

Mumbai (India) – Available

Europe and Russia Regions

Amsterdam (Nederlands)  – Available  —  Brussels – Antwerp (Belgium)  –  Available  —  Luxembourg  –  Available

France many regions available, enquire your region, Paris (Ile de France), Lyon (Rhone Alps) – Available

Provence PACA available as one region including both 13& 83 departments and other regions still available…

Berlin – Frankfurt – Munich (Germany) – Available  —   Geneva – Zurich (Switzerland) – Coming Soon  —  Rome – Milan (Italy) – Available

Athens (Greece) – Available  —   Limassol (Cyprus)  —  Madrid – Barcelone (Spain) – Available – Other regions of Spain

like Ibiza, Alicante, Valencia, Gibraltar also available –  Lisbon (Portugal)  –  Available –  Budapest (Hungary)  –  Available

Prague (Czech Republic) – Coming Soon  —  Moscow(Russia)  – Available  —

Middle East Regions

Istanbul (Turkey) – Available  —   Abu Dhabi – Dubai (UAE) – Available  — Doha (Qatar)

US and Canada Regions

New York – Washington D.C – Miami and other US cities available  –

Metro Vancouver – Montreal (Canada) – Available

Central and South America Regions

Costa Rica (Costa Rica) Available   —  Panama City (Panama)   —   Saint Martin (Caribbean)  Coming  Soon

Buenos Aires (Argentina)  –  Available  —  Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo (Brazil)  –  Available  —

Bogota (Colombia) – Available Mexico City (Mexico)  – Available  –

Contact us: Don Juan Dela Cruz – Executive Management – expatscope@gmail.com


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