ExpatScope is a brand new network of websites, soon coming to you in your region for English speakers moving or living abroad and still like to have fun in their expat life.

We’re an eXpat team, not the avengers but we working and playing hard in the name of keeping you inspired, in the know and getting the most of your expat life in your city and region, from the latest local news, sports events, hottest new tables to the best boutiques with the latest fashion trends, entertainment and weekend events, holidays destinations and much more…

Whether you’re just off the boat or a permanent  expat resident, any ExpaScope site will offer you heaps of information on anything and everything happening in your community.

Our What’s On / Events page means you’ll never miss a play, concert or exhibition again (and if we’ve missed something you can add it in yourself).

The site of your city / region is updated with fun and valuable content every day to both entertain and help you to make a home where ever you stay . Want to flog something online? Step over to their Noticeboard.

So if you’re a mum on the go, an exotic jet-setter, a fitness buff, a fashionista, a social butterfly, a pampered princess or a soft furnishings-obsessive, we promise there’ll be something you love.

And even if you don’t fit into one of the elaborate stereotypes we just made up, you’ll still find plenty of tips – to give you a hand around town and to make yourself home…


Contact us: Don Juan Dela Cruz – Executive Management – expatscope@gmail.com


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