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This is where you need to invest over the next 30 years Not long from now, the entire notion of “emerging markets” will go the way of telephone land lines and gasoline-powered cars. Soon, so-called “emerging” markets will be bigger than those that have (supposedly) been granted “developed” status. I’ve written before about how it’s […]

To improve the health, well-being and sense of security of the people we serve by providing support and being with them every step of the way. Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance Company of North America and Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York, or their affiliates All […]

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10 Destinations that should be on every backpacker’s bucket list Ready to see and explore the world as a backpacker, but don’t know where to go? Then, get inspired with Skyscanner’s top picks for the best places to travel for adventurous backpackers! Whether you’re a newbie or a backpacking superstar, these suggested destinations are roads […]

Monaco Yacht Show 2017, Y.CO Line-Up Announced Y.CO will present six fine yachts for sale and charter at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Read about the vessels and contact Y.CO to arrange a viewing. If you are harbouring ambitions of chartering or owning a luxury yacht, reserve the dates 27th–30th September in your diary and […]

Vegan or vegetarian: everything about vegetarianism “Vegans have a lot of deficiencies”, “I do not want to eat anything but salad, I’m not a rabbit”, “You have to eat meat to be healthy”: let’s twist our thoughts! Being vegetarian and healthy is possible Many doctors will confirm this: being vegetarian does not mean being deficient, […]